One author per accepted paper, poster, Ph.D. Dissertation showcase, industrial paper, or demo is required to register and attend the conference and to present the accepted submission. Otherwise, the accepted submission will not appear in the published conference proceedings.

Basic Registration Fee:

Regular Registration                           RMB3500 or USD580 
Student Registration                           RMB3000 or USD450 
Additional papers                               RMB3000 or USD450
Attendees without Papers                   RMB1500 or USD200

Details about Registration Fees
1. Registration fee for Full-time Student is RMB3000 or USD450, and for Regular is RMB3500 or USD500.
2. Each paid registration covers only one paper, and you can pay Extra Paper Charges (Additional papers: RMB3000 or USD450) for one more paper from the same first author who already has a paid registration.
3. Registration fees include conference proceedings, lunches, gifts, attending all technical sessions.
4. Registration fees include iThenticate software against Plagiarism fee.
5. The registration fee does not include:
    • Accommodation
    • Visa application fee
• Transportation fee

Author’s registration Fee includes
*Full Paper checked, peer reviewed, published
* iThenticate software against Plagiarism fee
    * Access to the proceeding online
    * Participation in the Technical Program
    * 10-20 minutes presentation
    * Conference Kits
    * Lunch
    * Coffee Breaks

Registration Fee Confirmation
Completed registrations will be acknowledged by the Organizing Committee within seven (7) days after receiving your payment.

No-Show Polity

Paper registration is required, allowing the inclusion of the paper/poster in the conference proceedings. An author or a proxy attending GSKI MUST present the paper: This is a requirement for the paper/poster to be included in the EI/CPCI digital library. No-show of scheduled papers and posters will result in excluding them from the EI/CPC digital library.

News 1: Prof. Hui-Mi Hsu and Prof. Xiaodong Liu are the editors of GSKI2021 who will control the paper quality.
News 2: GRMSE2013-GRMSE2017 and GSKI2018-GSKI2020 has been held successfully.
News 3: Every paper selected by peer-reviewed.
News 4:  All accepted paper by GSKI 2021 will be published as a proceedings.
News 5:  GRMSE2013, GRMSE2014, GRMSE2015, GRMSE2016, GSKI2017, GSKI2018, GSKI2019 and GSKI2020 have been indexed by EI. For more information, please visit the Conference History(
News 6:  The GSKI2021 program book has been emailed to each author, please attend the meeting in time.
News  7: Due to the COVID-19 and travel restrictions, GSKI2021 will be held online. Meanwhile, the program book has been distributed to all authors and participating experts before December 03, 2021. please downlpad the GSKI2021 Program.pdf
News 8: The video of the speaker's speech, authors or experts who is in need, can write an email to GSKIEI@VIP.163.COM to get it.