The conference organizer decides to hold this conference in hotel if there is no travel restriction impact from COVID-19 at that time, OR it will be held online.

Note: All presentations and activities will be held at the NanjingShuguang International Hotel

(No. 107 Longpan Road, Xuanwu District,Nanjing)

The hotel is located on the west side of Nanjing Railway Station,close to scenic spots such as Purple Mountain and Xuanwu Lake. It is withinwalking distance of Metro Line 1 (Nanjing Railway Station), and thetransportation is extremely convenient. -0.5 km from Nanjing Railway Stationand 100 meters west from the West Exit of Nanjing Railway Station to reach thehotel;-About 15 minutes' walk from Zhongyangmen Long-distance Bus Station; takebus No. 1 and No. 33 opposite to Zhongyangmen Bus Station Get off at NanjingStation and you can reach the hotel; -About 6 kilometers away from NanjingSouth Railway Station, opposite the Central Gate Bus Station, take Bus No. 1,No. 33 and get off at Nanjing Station to reach the hotel; -From Nanjing LukouInternational Airport 47 kilometers away from the airport, about 60 minutes bytaxi; take the airport expressway to Shuangqiaomen, turn to Longpan Road, gothrough two tunnels, enter the Xuanwu Lake tunnel, turn to Xinzhuang overpassat the tunnel exit, and continue straight along Longpan Road to the train Stopby the overpass and get off the overpass to reach the hotel; -2.5 kilometersfrom Nanjing International Exhibition Center, about 5 minutes by taxi; -12kilometers from Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, about 30 minutes by taxi; -5 kilometersfrom Nanjing Gulou Square, It takes about 15 minutes by taxi.

Room Booking:

Contact: Manager Ma

Tel: 400-003-8828


Reservation Information:

Standard room (withbreakfast) 450RMB per day

News 1: Prof. Hui-Mi Hsu and Prof. Xiaodong Liu are the editors of GSKI2021 who will control the paper quality.
News 2: GRMSE2013-GRMSE2017 and GSKI2018-GSKI2020 has been held successfully.
News 3: Every paper selected by peer-reviewed.
News 4:  All accepted paper by GSKI 2021 will be published as a proceedings.
News 5:  GRMSE2013, GRMSE2014, GRMSE2015, GRMSE2016, GSKI2017, GSKI2018, GSKI2019 and GSKI2020 have been indexed by EI. For more information, please visit the Conference History(
News 6:  The GSKI2021 program book has been emailed to each author, please attend the meeting in time.
News  7: Due to the COVID-19 and travel restrictions, GSKI2021 will be held online. Meanwhile, the program book has been distributed to all authors and participating experts before December 03, 2021. please downlpad the GSKI2021 Program.pdf
News 8: The video of the speaker's speech, authors or experts who is in need, can write an email to GSKIEI@VIP.163.COM to get it.